There's no doubt about it – the funeral business is big business. It's also one of life's most difficult times for family members of the deceased who as well as being distraught are left to make funeral arrangements for their deceased family member – often with very short notice. These arrangements are usually extremely costly, adding a significant amount on financial pressure in what is already a stressful and emotional time. Planning your own funeral in advance may seem an odd thing do, but you'll actually be providing much needed peace of mind to grieving family members. Here's why planning your own funeral isn't as strange as first may seem.

Allows a More Personalised and Special Memorial

If you make your wishes regarding your funeral known, you'll take a lot of the stress and anguish away from family members caught up with coordinating the specifics including type of service, flowers and the choice of music. This will also avoid disagreements over the details and ensure that you are remembered in the way you would most like. At the end of the day, only you know exactly what you want when it comes to your death, and that's something that all family members will be able to agree upon.

Allows Decisions to be Made Rationally Instead of Emotionally

Making decisions about your funeral well in advance avoids your family making decisions out of emotion, which are also often some of the most expensive decisions. If an elaborate service and casket is not important to you, it's important this is communicated so your family can focus on the details that do matter. This is why at the very least it's a smart idea to at least discuss the funeral plans, including your preferred type of memorial. This will ensure you get what you want and you'll also avoid needless spending from family members that feel obligated to provide the very best, which may not even be important to you. 

Avoids the Funeral Becoming a Financial Burden on Family

The most important part of planning a funeral is arguable planning how the funeral will be paid, removing the financial burden that a funeral often has on family members. Whether through a funeral plan, contributing to a funeral savings account, pre paying for the funeral, taking out funeral insurance or using funeral bonds, financing your own funeral will be a parting gift to your family members. This will allow them to spend their energy on supporting each other emotionally, without worrying about how they will meet the financial costs of the funeral. If you plan well in advance you can shop around for the best deal, and arrange enough resources to plan special funeral and service without the exorbitant price tag.

Even the most basic funeral in Australia starts at around $4000, which is more than many families can afford. Leaving a financial burden behind is the last thing people would want. It's important to plan for any funeral before it happens, it helps ease the stress and anguish for the people we leave behind.

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