The task of planning a funeral for a deceased family member or loved one is difficult. There are factors to consider and choices to make when the loss and grief is fresh. It is tempting to turn over all the arrangements and decision-making to a funeral home.

This is a viable choice but it is crucial for you to be involved to make sure that the funds are well-managed and the send-off is beautiful. Here are simple guidelines to help you organise a good funeral:

Plan Your Budget

You should plan your budget as early as possible to avoid using money from your personal savings. Funerals are generally expensive because there are different elements that must be accounted for. It is advisable to set aside fees for essential services provided by the funeral homes. You can call a few pertinent businesses to request for price estimates.

Cemetery or cremation fees as well as monument expenses are often charged separately so ensure that this is funded. You will also need to purchase a casket or urn and other ceremonial accessories depending on the nature of the funeral. In addition, you should set aside some money for miscellaneous expenses because they are inevitable.

Choose a Funeral Director

The funeral director is responsible for important tasks such as filling out the legal documentation for the deceased, coordinating the different planning stages, carrying out general administrative tasks and making arrangements for transportation. You will rely heavily on the funeral director during the arrangements therefore you should be selective and particular.

It is advisable to choose an expert who is a member of professional organisations like Australian Funeral Directors Association. In addition, research your preferred director to ensure that they are ethical, reliable, experienced and approachable.

Personalise the Funeral

Most funeral homes offer different types of predefined package deals which encompass essential services and non-essential ones like protective caskets. In some cases, you may find a bundle with exactly what you want for the event while in most situations, the services will be a poor match for the planned funeral. It is advisable for you to evaluate each funeral feature separately including the casket, memorial marker, flower arrangements and the reception.

Accept a Friend's Support

You should ask a friend for assistance during the period of funeral planning. Your personal connection with the deceased and the accompanying grief can affect your ability to make sound decisions. The feelings of loss and even guilt may drive you to overspend. An objective companion will offer advice with the needed pragmatism.

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