A popular style of headstone is the ground-level or flat headstone option. If you have chosen this type of memorial stone, then you may believe you are limited on the type of etchings and designs available to you. The truth is that there are several options available to help create the type of memorial you want. One option is to use laser granite etching. If you aren't sure what laser etching is, here are a few things to know about the method.

Colour Etching

One of the options you have available for your grass-level headstone is colour etching. This can be done with laser etching methods on various forms of granite stone. This opens your options up for photo etchings. If you would like your family member's picture to be placed on the stone in colour, this can be done. You can also have coloured scenes and lettering done as well. Though this particular colour option does cost more than traditional etching, it can give you the unique memorial you are looking for.

Durability of Laser Etching

One question that many people have is how long the laser etching would last if they chose that technique. Laser etching is done directly into the granite itself. If you have traditional laser granite etching done, then the etching will last as long as the stone itself lasts. This means it can hold up under all weather conditions and sun conditions, since fading is not an issue. If you are having colour etching done, you will need to ask the artisan to determine the longevity of the specific inks they are using and how often you will need to have the colour retouched, if it needs to be retouched at all.

Detailed Etching

You may have a specific style of etching you want. This could be a photo or a landscape scene. These types of scenes require specific detailing in order for the image to look right. This means that you may have a concern that the detailing will not show through, especially on flat or grass-level headstones that are smaller in size to traditional stones. With laser granite etching, you can have the detailing you need, even in the smaller space.

These are just a few of the key points about laser granite etching for grass-level headstones. If this etching method sounds ideal for your needs, contact a company that provides granite etching services. They can help you with ordering the flat or grass-level stone you want as well as with arranging for the etching you want on the stone. They can help you with pricing and any questions you have as well.