Should you bury or cremate the body of a loved one? Usually, the decision is made by a loved one before their passing and not by family members. For instance, a terminally sick parent might ask the children to cremate their body through a will. However, if a loved one does not leave such instructions, the immediate family members can decide what to do. Regardless of who makes the decision, cremation continues to be a popular option. Unfortunately, many people do not understand the process; therefore, the best strategy is to engage a funeral director for ideas. This article highlights top questions to ask a crematorium funeral director.

How Long Does the Cremation Take?

There is a common misconception that the cremated remains of a loved one are processed the same day. However, nothing could be further from the truth because it takes about a week to receive the ashes of a deceased person in an urn. The reason is that a funeral director needs enough time to collect all the remains from a cremation chamber. Besides, a funeral home needs sufficient time to deliver the ashes. Notably, the delivery dates for cremation remains vary from one crematorium to the other.  

Do You Allow Keepsake in a Coffin?

It is common practice for people to place mementos inside the coffin of a loved one. The items often represent a loved one's hobby; for instance, if a deceased person loved playing football, then a scarf of their favourite team can be placed in their coffin. Similarly, if they were good cooks, their cookbook would suffice. However, most crematoriums do not allow keepsake since they are only supposed to cremate human bodies. The reason is that some souvenirs are either inflammable or produce toxic fumes, which might affect cremation. That said, crematorium directors still allow keepsakes if the items will not interfere with the cremation exercise.

Do You Personalise Urns?

Urns are containers in which the remains of a loved one are placed after cremation. Like coffins, urns vary in design and can be customised to suit the deceased person's taste. Although you can buy personalised urns from stores that sell funeral merchandise, it is advisable to purchase on from a funeral home. It reduces the overall cost and ensures timely delivery of the remains of a loved one. However, you have to furnish a crematorium with the urn design early to fast-track production.