Your parent might have decided that they want to pre-plan their funeral. Many people choose to do this to ensure that their funeral is hosted in the way that they want it to be. A lot of people do it because it takes the pressure off of their remaining family members, both because family members don't have to make hard decisions and don't have to pay for an expensive funeral on their own. If your parent is going to do this, they might be planning on doing it on their own. If you can, however, you may want to go to the funeral home with them for these reasons.

Offer Emotional Support

Your parent might think that pre-planning their own funeral is a good thing overall, but this doesn't mean that it's something that they are looking forward to. Planning your own funeral can involve some pretty complex emotions, and your parent might feel better if they have a loved one around to provide emotional support.

Make Suggestions

Your parent might need help with making certain decisions when they are pre-planning their funeral, and if you're there, you can make suggestions and help them with making any decisions that they might be struggling with.

Educate Your Siblings and Other Family Members

Your siblings and other family members will probably know a little something about what your parent has planned for their funeral. If your parent wants to be cremated instead of being traditionally buried, for example, this might be something that would be shocking for your other family members to find out at the last minute. If you go along with your parent for the planning process, then you will know about these things, and you can educate your siblings and other family members, if necessary.

Ensure You Understand What Your Parent Wants

Lastly, one reason why your parent might be pre-planning their funeral could be because they want to ensure that their funeral is conducted in a certain way. If this is the case for your parent, then you probably want to do what you can to respect this. If you go with your parent to the funeral home and pay attention to the things that they say and choose, you can be more clear on their preferences. Then, when they do sadly pass away and when it's time for you to handle any remaining funeral arrangements, you will know exactly what to do.

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