Benefits of Pre-Planning your Funeral

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No one likes to think about the end of their life; however, it is inevitable and so should be planned for. Pre-planned funerals can give family members peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of. It can also give you peace of mind knowing that your final wishes will be carried out accordingly. Here are just a few benefits of planning ahead: Choose How You Want to be Remembered You have complete control over how you want to be remembered, and how you want the service to go. You can even write your own obituary. Funeral directors will help put everything down on paper and keep a record of what you want. You can also meet with your Pastor/Religious leader to discuss specific hymns and passages to recite. Everything can be planned to the last detail, including: Hymns/songs Charities Poems/readings Burial/cremation Casket/urn Flowers Pallbearers Refreshments after the service Make it Easier on Your Family Your family members will be grieving – having to make all of the arrangements will add an enormous amount of stress and pressure. When you have pre-planned arrangements, all they need to do is meet with the funeral directors and set the time/date. They will take care of everything else, as they will have a copy of your final wishes. They will guide your family through the next few days, as they prepare to say goodbye. Protection From Rising Funeral Costs Funerals are not immune to rising costs and inflation. Paying now will likely cost less than having to pay in the future. That could save your family a lot of money. Funeral directors can guide you towards locking in your cost now. If you’re married, consider planning your funerals together with your spouse. If you have children, you may want to express your wishes so they are aware of what you want. You can even ask for their input and ideas. Be aware, though, that some people may not be comfortable with this, and that’s okay. Don’t pressure your family to help. This is your decision and you have the right to be remembered any way you wish. Most funeral homes offer pre-planning checklists and some even offer online planning options. You can get as detailed as you like. Before making any final decisions sit down and think about what you want and how you want to be honoured. The funeral directors will take it from...

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Understanding the Benefits of a Prepaid Funeral

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A prepaid funeral is different than preplanning your funeral. When you choose to preplan your funeral, you go over all the plans you want for final arrangements with a funeral director, but typically don’t pay him or her for the services save perhaps a small deposit. When you prepay for a funeral, you make your own selections for various services and then pay for those things once you sign the contract. Prepaying for your own funeral has many benefits; note a few of them here so you can determine if this is the right choice for you. It’s also good to understand some of the details involved so you know what to discuss with a funeral director. 1. Prepaid funerals ensure that money is set aside for the funeral You don’t need to worry about how your children or other heirs will pay for a funeral when you prepay. This allows you to choose the details you want for a funeral and ensure that your wishes will be followed without your heirs saying that they cannot afford such arrangements. It also allows you to know how much money will be left over after your funeral costs so that you can better compose a will. 2. A prepaid funeral can be guaranteed When prepaying for a funeral, you may be offered a guaranteed funeral versus a nonguaranteed funeral. Nonguaranteed means that the funeral director may reserve the right to make changes to the arrangements as circumstances change. For example, you might pick out a particular casket but in a few years, that type of casket is no longer available. With a nonguaranteed funeral, the funeral director may choose something similar. With a guaranteed funeral, this means that the every detail you decide on will be followed exactly. A funeral director will provide all the arrangements as they’re spelled out. If you opt for this type of prepaid funeral, it may be more expensive but you know that everything will be conducted at your funeral according to your plans. 3. You may spend down your assets To avoid certain tax bills or to become eligible for government aid as you get older, you may need to spend down your assets. In some cases, a prepaid funeral can accomplish this. You know your heirs will need to pay for your funeral anyway, so paying for this expense before you pass away can allow you to reduce the size of your estate or show less money in a bank account, without necessarily taking money away from what you leave for your...

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Simple Guidelines for Planning a Funeral

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The task of planning a funeral for a deceased family member or loved one is difficult. There are factors to consider and choices to make when the loss and grief is fresh. It is tempting to turn over all the arrangements and decision-making to a funeral home. This is a viable choice but it is crucial for you to be involved to make sure that the funds are well-managed and the send-off is beautiful. Here are simple guidelines to help you organise a good funeral: Plan Your Budget You should plan your budget as early as possible to avoid using money from your personal savings. Funerals are generally expensive because there are different elements that must be accounted for. It is advisable to set aside fees for essential services provided by the funeral homes. You can call a few pertinent businesses to request for price estimates. Cemetery or cremation fees as well as monument expenses are often charged separately so ensure that this is funded. You will also need to purchase a casket or urn and other ceremonial accessories depending on the nature of the funeral. In addition, you should set aside some money for miscellaneous expenses because they are inevitable. Choose a Funeral Director The funeral director is responsible for important tasks such as filling out the legal documentation for the deceased, coordinating the different planning stages, carrying out general administrative tasks and making arrangements for transportation. You will rely heavily on the funeral director during the arrangements therefore you should be selective and particular. It is advisable to choose an expert who is a member of professional organisations like Australian Funeral Directors Association. In addition, research your preferred director to ensure that they are ethical, reliable, experienced and approachable. Personalise the Funeral Most funeral homes offer different types of predefined package deals which encompass essential services and non-essential ones like protective caskets. In some cases, you may find a bundle with exactly what you want for the event while in most situations, the services will be a poor match for the planned funeral. It is advisable for you to evaluate each funeral feature separately including the casket, memorial marker, flower arrangements and the reception. Accept a Friend’s Support You should ask a friend for assistance during the period of funeral planning. Your personal connection with the deceased and the accompanying grief can affect your ability to make sound decisions. The feelings of loss and even guilt may drive you to overspend. An objective companion will offer advice with the needed pragmatism. To learn more, contact a company like Lee Adam Funeral Services with any questions you...

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Grieving the life you hardly knew: Funerals for late miscarriages

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The loss of anyone loved is difficult, but the loss of a pregnancy can be particularly hard and painful. An early miscarriage is deemed as a loss before 12 weeks gestation, a late miscarriage can occur after the 12 weeks and a stillbirth is given to a loss after 20 weeks gestation. Losing a pregnancy at any stage isolating and can leave the parents feeling lost and misunderstood. But you are not alone, there are over 2000 stillbirths in Australia every year. The grieving process of any loss, but particularly one that occurred in the later stages of pregnancy, can be helped by a physical funeral or memorial service. Create memories Whether you lose your pregnancy in the later stages or have a stillbirth, you are still a parent. The loss of the dreams and hopes that you developed as your baby grew can be eased a little by creating memories of your baby. This can be done by: Making the birth a loving experience. Naming your child. Seeing or holding your baby. Taking a cast of your baby’s hand or footprint. Creating memories of your lost baby is entirely up to you. Everyone experiences grief differently and you are no less of a person or parent for not wanting to see or hold your stillborn child. Ultimately, you need to do what feels right for you. Have a funeral service In some parts of Australia, a funeral for a baby stillborn after 20 weeks gestation is legally required. The hospital should be able to help you find a funeral director to make the plans. If your baby was lost before 20 weeks gestation, then you can still choose to have a funeral service. The funeral can take place in the hospital or your local place of worship, and can be treated as any other funeral. Some parents feel that making the funeral a celebration of the child and as special as possible helps with the grieving process. When planning the funeral, you can choose to: Bury or cremate your baby. Where they will be buried or what to do with their ashes. Who will be invited to the funeral. You may want to keep it private or invite close family and friends. Create a memorial If your loss is deemed a miscarriage rather than a stillbirth, you can forego the funeral service and hold a memorial instead. This could involve gathering with your family to mark the occasion by planting a tree or special plant in your garden or local green space (if you can get permission), or by lighting candles. Losing a pregnancy is incredibly painful but the grieving process can be made a little easier by making that child a part of your lives and celebrating it through creating memories and holding a special funeral or memorial. For more information, check out funeral directors such as David W...

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Why Everyone Should Plan Their Own Funeral

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There’s no doubt about it – the funeral business is big business. It’s also one of life’s most difficult times for family members of the deceased who as well as being distraught are left to make funeral arrangements for their deceased family member – often with very short notice. These arrangements are usually extremely costly, adding a significant amount on financial pressure in what is already a stressful and emotional time. Planning your own funeral in advance may seem an odd thing do, but you’ll actually be providing much needed peace of mind to grieving family members. Here’s why planning your own funeral isn’t as strange as first may seem. Allows a More Personalised and Special Memorial If you make your wishes regarding your funeral known, you’ll take a lot of the stress and anguish away from family members caught up with coordinating the specifics including type of service, flowers and the choice of music. This will also avoid disagreements over the details and ensure that you are remembered in the way you would most like. At the end of the day, only you know exactly what you want when it comes to your death, and that’s something that all family members will be able to agree upon. Allows Decisions to be Made Rationally Instead of Emotionally Making decisions about your funeral well in advance avoids your family making decisions out of emotion, which are also often some of the most expensive decisions. If an elaborate service and casket is not important to you, it’s important this is communicated so your family can focus on the details that do matter. This is why at the very least it’s a smart idea to at least discuss the funeral plans, including your preferred type of memorial. This will ensure you get what you want and you’ll also avoid needless spending from family members that feel obligated to provide the very best, which may not even be important to you.  Avoids the Funeral Becoming a Financial Burden on Family The most important part of planning a funeral is arguable planning how the funeral will be paid, removing the financial burden that a funeral often has on family members. Whether through a funeral plan, contributing to a funeral savings account, pre paying for the funeral, taking out funeral insurance or using funeral bonds, financing your own funeral will be a parting gift to your family members. This will allow them to spend their energy on supporting each other emotionally, without worrying about how they will meet the financial costs of the funeral. If you plan well in advance you can shop around for the best deal, and arrange enough resources to plan special funeral and service without the exorbitant price tag. Even the most basic funeral in Australia starts at around $4000, which is more than many families can afford. Leaving a financial burden behind is the last thing people would want. It’s important to plan for any funeral before it happens, it helps ease the stress and anguish for the people we leave behind. For more information, check out companies such as Fry Bros...

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